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Published on March 24, 2010 By timbaggins In Life Journals

I have been tasked with helping my best friend market his company. This is not a paid gig so it only getting a few hours of my time a week. I been through the college marketing classes and I know what the text books say but in a word of social media I feel like those books are out dated. There are several courses one can take today to get the word out there about their company and I am wondering which is the best for the cost. My friend is selling a service not a product. Everything is online these days and consists of video. He has sought out some web video production services but these can be pricy for a small start up. He has seen mild success from it but at a cost.

He also is a fan of the promotional marketing products, which are nice to receive but too can be costly. I feel like there is no way to quantify the success of a campaign like this. You might as well give away these and hope the customer buys something from you. What I want to know is what is the best form of marketing for a services industry company based in education? Leave me a comment.

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