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Published on April 1, 2010 By timbaggins In Just Hanging Out

Pets, sometimes they can be a lot to take care and other times not so much. I have two dogs one that stays inside and the other stays outside. I took them both to the vet yesterday for their regular check up. Is it just me or do surgeons and the ladies that check you in at the vet wear the same uniforms? Anyway the outside dog fine passed his check up with flying colors but the inside dog not so much. Biggest problem is that he has fleas. How he has fleas I don't understand. How they both don't have fleas I understand even less. The vet said I needed to get some pet flea medication and probably apply it to both of them. I asked the doctor where I could get the cheapest medication and he said on the web. I thought to myself why didn't i think of that?

Anyway of to the web I went and the inside dog has temporarily become an outside dog as well. The best deal I could find was comfortis flea control, which was still over $60. Way to expensive in my opinion. Nevertheless I bought it and it should arrive by this weekend. Its a good thing its warm outside or I don't know if my indoor dog would survive.

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